Acme Bluegrass Band performing at The Margarita at Pine Creek

Welcome to the Acme Bluegrass Homepage! Thanks for taking the time to come for a visit.

Here we are still kickin' in 2016! We are so pleased you have stopped by our little website to have a peek! We would love to see you come out to one or all of our gigs this coming sure makes us smile to see all of your fabulous faces and talk with you to see how things are going for ya!

We have had some ups and downs the past four months or so, but we are ready to start a new year with our bluegrass! Have you ever just felt life was slappin' ya in the face, well let's slap back this year...maybe we will be able to get a few new songs out of our life happenings...I think that's how everyone else writes their music...LIFE HAPPENINGS! So we should be able to do something great with our musical creativity right now.

Acme Bluegrass is a Colorado Springs based band that loves to perform high energy, hard driving acoustic entertainment. With local icon, John Ramsey on banjo, transplanted native Les Irvin on mandolin, and New Mexico transplants Sebie and Tracy Denson on bass and guitar, this four piece sings and plays with the spirit of true hillbillies.

The band plays a music mix of traditional and contemporary bluegrass with some diversity from artists like Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan and, of course, the king - Elvis. We have also added some new songs from such bluegrass greats as The Monkees and well...that should at least get your curiosity peaked and get you to stop by sometime and see what you have been missing!

So keep looking around. Go to the bios to find out more about band. And make sure you visit the calendar page to find out about upcoming performances.

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